Gas Expanded Liquid

SoniqueFlo Velocity

Through the proprietary geometry and mixing of high pressure gas (steam, CO2, nitrogen) and process slurry, standing pressure waves are generated in the reactor zone of the SoniqueFlo reactor that creates violent pressure distributions. These rapidly changing pressure differential zones create the high mixing, shear and cavitation effect and mass transfer that provides the benefit to the improved hydrolysis of the SoniqueFlo pretreated raw materials, the ability to provide greater surface areas for enzymatic hydrolysis and faster fermentation kinetics. The SoniqueFlo reactor has no moving parts and is able to handle much higher mash solids while maintaining high yields than conventional equipment, thus enabling higher plant throughput of materials. This has been successfully demonstrated since 2011 across the corn to ethanol, food and brewing production facilities where 25 industrial scale SoniqueFlo reactors are already installed.

Scalable Modular Process

1,750 gal/min with Small Footprint

Super Sonic Vapor Fluid

Extreme Homogenization

The SoniqueFlo Reactor utilises supersonic vapour fluid and condensation shockwave generated by the injection of high velocity steam or gas expanded liquid (GXL). Steam/GXL is introduced into the reactor chamber under supersonic conditions producing high levels of shear and turbulence within the process fluid leading to a controllable condensation shockwave, generating cavitation.

The second SoniqueFlo fluid dynamic technology family comprises of a Microniser. This uses a supersonic flow of gas, which is expelled from the Microniser, interacting with the liquid stream. This combination shears apart the liquid into droplet sizes as small as one micron (1µm), giving it a gas like behaviour.